Sunday, September 20, 2009

Country girl, City boy

Have you ever heard the expression "You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl"?

This could not be any more true, than when you apply it to Max and I. Most day's, around our house, you will see Max doing a lot of the cleaning, cooking, and coming to me with questions about how to fix the garbage disposal, what kind of col king to buy, and how to hang shelf's. I knew full well what I was getting into when I married my sweet man, and have said on may occasions "I like a little lady in my man". At times it is hard on his ego and he gets frustrated, that I'm more of a man in some ways, but for the most part we work together great! I truly enjoy knowing more than him when it comes to things, since he is much more book smart than I. I don't blame Max for not knowing "manly" things (and it's not for a lack of trying on his part), it is just how he was raised. He was raised in the city where when something breaks, you call someone to fix it. I grew up much the opposite. It breaks... you fix it. I was also lucky enough you have handy dad(s) and older brothers who taught me a few things.

Country girl and City boy went camping a little while ago and boy did our childhoods shine through!!! Max had NEVER been camping. Yes, NEVER. How on earth could a 27 year old man never have gone camping in his life???

To be honest, I love camping but have put off going with him due to the fact that I knew how things would go with such a rooky. But, we went and we survived! Max watched the kids while I put up the tent and taught him all of the wonderful things there is needed to know about the great out doors. I think by the end he was confided enough to give it another shot, and next time maybe I'll watch the kids while he sets up camp!

Here are the boys (and the dog) in the loaded down mini van, that we hijacked for the trip!

Here is my "City boy" who planned the whole trip, and packed for all of us!

Colby slept for most of the long trip to the camp ground

Conner became suddenly camera shy

I took some random shots from the road, and the rain of showers pored down on us looking like our first attempt at a family camping trip would be a bust.

But when we got to the coast it was clear sky!
I was able to get the three bedroom tent up (with only a few cuss words), at which point the camera broke.
The trip was loads of fun with our friends and I know the next one will be even better. Max is such an amazing husband and father. It's things, like this trip, that shows
him just how much he missed out on growing up and knows that he wants a different childhood for his children
filled with summers around a