Thursday, June 12, 2008

Half way done with this pregnancy!!!

I can't believe that 20 weeks have past so fast. I had an ultra sound on Monday and I still have a little boy growing in there, and they said that he is very large for the age...which means that I'm on track to have a 12 lb pumpkin baby on Halloween!!

Super right???

Yeah NO.

I'm glad baby Colby.. (Oh, yeah that's the name we've picked out) is growing big, strong, and healthy in there but seriously?? 12 lb is just a little too much for my body to handle. So, I guess they will do another ultrasound at 32 weeks and see how the little guy is doing in there to see if he can come out and play early!! Soooooo ok with this since I was really wanting a September baby!

Any who, moving is going...boxes every where, Conner is freaking out about it because his would is turned upside down. And the bridal shower is day after tomorrow, it is coming together great and I think the bride to be will love it!! Will post pics when I get a minute!