Saturday, May 31, 2008

OH MY>>>>> Just realized that I never blogged about my sons second birthday. I don't know what to say, he ran around like a freak on crack, ate cake, and opened presents. It was a great time for all that came. I wish that I had pictures to show just how much fun was had....but being mother of the year, I didn't take any. So sad about that, I think I put Max in charge of picture taking and then forgot to tell him of his duty. But, on the up side my mom got some great shots, and I know the Budd family never goes anywhere with out their camera so it's not a total loss!!
Buying a house if for the birds!!! After almost a month of driving all over the greater Portland area, Max and I have finally gotten a home of our own!! It is a fully remodeled 3 bedroom ranch. I'm in love with it and can't wait to get all moved in. I will most likely be a blog no-show for a month or so, with the move going on, and being the matron of honor in a wedding next month. I have parties to plan, houses to move, panic attacks to be had and all the while growing a baby in my tummy!! Yeah me!! Will post when/what I can!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Conner had his fist "official" hair cut today!! I found this place called "little clippers", so cool for kids to get their hair cut at. There are all kinds of toys to play with before/after you get your hair done, there is even a video gaming area for the bigger kids. Before they sit you down to cut your hair you get to pick out a video to watch while they are choppn' away. This place doesn't just have regular chairs for the kids to sit in, nope, they have cars with steering wheels and horns!!! Once Conner was done they bagged some of his hair for me and printed out a certificate of his first hair cut!! All this and it was only $ going back there!!!
Here is before:

During...he did not like the clippers!And grown up!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Now, I'm not trying to brag or anything but sooooo excited about this!!!

Since becoming pregnant I have lost three pounds!!! I was a "little" on the thick side since giving birth to weight is a bitch to get rid of!! When I was pregnant with Conner I put on a whopping 65 pounds, and only lost 1/3 of the weight. (the day I delivered I weighed more than my husband, not a good thing)!!!

So, when I became prego once again I vowed that I would not gain an ounce, just stay at the same weight. I mentioned this to my Dr and she said that it was not necessary since I'm not obese, but doable since I was still packing around a few extra pounds from my first child. With this pregnancy I also have some serious motivation to stay on the "smaller" side. I am the Matron of Honor in my BFF wedding come July. She picked out the dresses and ordered them before I found out that I was going to be with child at her wedding. I feel like this was a huge blessing because if she had waited I would have told her to get a dress that I could "grow" into. But this way I have to fit into the dress that fit me prior to pregnancy.

I may have lost some weight but my belly is playing tricks on me... One day I look like I'm seven months pregnant and the next day you can't even tell I and point....

here is a picture from Wendesday

and here is today: WTF!!!

Well, I'm off to the gym to work off a few more calories!!!!!@!!