Sunday, May 04, 2008

Conner had his fist "official" hair cut today!! I found this place called "little clippers", so cool for kids to get their hair cut at. There are all kinds of toys to play with before/after you get your hair done, there is even a video gaming area for the bigger kids. Before they sit you down to cut your hair you get to pick out a video to watch while they are choppn' away. This place doesn't just have regular chairs for the kids to sit in, nope, they have cars with steering wheels and horns!!! Once Conner was done they bagged some of his hair for me and printed out a certificate of his first hair cut!! All this and it was only $ going back there!!!
Here is before:

During...he did not like the clippers!And grown up!


Abbie said...

What a handsome little devil!! He's totally going to get all the chicks! :)

Abbie said...

Ok, listen up missy. You need to blog about his birthday!! NOW!! :) ok thats all.