Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sheeee's baaaaack!!!

So, I had baby Colby on October 22. He weighed in at 7lb 6oz, and had a full head of hair.
I thought my labor with Conner was easy, and that Conner was and easy baby...which it was and he was. But, my labor with Colby, and the first two weeks in getting to know Colby, has put every thing with Conner to shame.

"Labor" was more of a cake walk than labor. I was giving "thumbs up" in between pushes and only had to push four times before I got to hold the little guy. And to make things even better, the kid doesn't cry. I mean it, HE DOES NOT CRY, he'll whimper a little if something is wrong but that's it. He sleeps great and when he wakes up he is alert and just looks around and takes it all in.

Conner is in complete denial that there is a baby in the house that he has to share mommy and daddy with. I guess this reaction is better than acting out.

Halloween was that most fun that I have had in some time. Conner is at a great age and lead the way all night!

I also was able to get my drink on with my very special Eddie Bird!! And a bonus...Dustin was with us!!