Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ok, so for those of you who are not up on the crazy drama surrounding Britney Spears. Here is a update: She's back in the hospital....Thank God. I guess her parents, friends, and brother went to her house to take matters into their own hands. She could be there this time for up to fourteen days. I'm not a die hard Britney fan, but, I can't help but find myself checking TMZ everyday to see what crazy thing she was up to. Have you seen the video of her using a British accent?? LOOPY! I just want to give to girl a hug, she is obviously in need of one. I hope she can turn things around.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two more for the college book...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Made a Cake tonight with the help of Conner! I was inspired by Valentines day...I know it's not even February yet but I couldn't help myself!

And here is my man taking a bite out of my heart

OMG if you have not seen Darjeeling limited yet I suggest you go see it. HI-LARIOUS!! It is by the same people how did the movie Rushmore and Royal Tananboms (sp?). Here is the trailer.

Max and I were able to go see it today at "Mommy matinee" put on at the Kennedy school. It was a far better experience going to the movies with Conner this time compared to the first time we went. This time the theater was filled with all moms and their with little ones who were crying, running around, and well, crying. Conner was able to talk, play, and babble at his popcorn to his little hearts delight!!

The first time I took Conner to the movies, I think he was about eleven months old, some women yelled at me and asked me to leave the theater. But Conner and I stood our ground that day, we paid good money to see the movie, so we stayed put. I didn't care how much his little noises bothered her, we were not leaving. The best part, was that after the movie that same women that yelled at me got yelled back at by my "entourage". Oh, good times!

Finished that page last night and put the finishing touches on our "guest book" from the wedding.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The uneventful turned eventful

Today was uneventful in the grand scheme of things. Hung out at home in the morning with Conner until Max got home from court. Then took off to meet up with Lesley for pedicures! It was so great to have a few hours with a favorite girlfriend just being myself again. I think this happens to most moms, I swore up and down that it wouldn't happen to me, you loose a sense of "self". You become so wrapped up in your children that you forget who you are at the core. Today Lesley and I talked about some of the dumb things that we did back in college and how it is amazing that we didn't end up on the back of a milk carton. Now I'm not saying that I would ever choose to go back to those crazy college days, but I do so very much enjoy being able to have time with out a kiddo on my hip and be able to have some adult conversation!

When I arrived home Max greeted me with a "did you talk to Abby"? Now I know that this could mean only one thing...."SHE'S PREGNANT. ISN'T SHE" I yelled out instantly. "Oh, just call her" Max replied back with a slight smirk on his baby face that can tell no lie. So, I dialed her number like my life depended on it to get the news....sure enough, there will be an little Budd added to the world come Octoberish. Now While I am so very happy for the two of them, they make beautiful babies and I always encourage people to bring more beautiful people into the world, I am a little jealous. Max and I have been trying to get pregnant for a few months now, and this is the second friend of ours who has gotten pregnant before us. The first couple is having twins...Lucky! I know that it will happen for us when it is meant to and blah, blah, blah....But still a little jealous. I guess I will just have to baby-sit for them to get my baby fix, and in the process decide that I don't want any more kids!!

I hope to finish up a scrapbook page or two for my college album tonight. here is the one I'm currently working on:

and I got this one done last night:

by for now!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

This is my first official "post". I'm doing this mostly for my self and to track my life so to say. Not sure if anyone will read but it will be fun to do any way!

So, 2008 has not gotten off to a great start for my family. Now I'm not bitching to bitch just putting it out there. So far in 2008, we had to put our seven year old dog, kodi, down because he was very sick and needed way too many operations for us to afford. (he's the black one).

Then Max's (husband) crappy commuter car broke down, luckily it was only 100 dollars to fix. Then Max got moved to night shift for work, so now he leaves to serve and protect the city at 8:30 pm and gets home at 8:30 am. Then he sleeps until 5:00pm to do it all over again. This makes my day very hard because, I try to keep Conner quiet as not to wake up daddy, and I had to switch all of my stuff to the guest bathroom so I don't have the blow dryer going and waking him up and Conner running into our bedroom jumping on Max. So, basically, I'm a single parent 4 days a week. yuck. Then last night someone, possibly someone Max arrested, bashed out every window in his car while he was working. awesome. So, now we are down to one car until we get the windows repaired.

Anyway, on a better note, once Max got home and calmed down from the random window bashing I met Kayde for breakfast at my favorite pancake house and ran into a friend from high school (Derek Hotchkiss). We then went to kid friendly super trendy coffee shop down town. Always good to hang out with girlfriends! Speaking favorite friend is coming to visit me in a couple of weeks! So excited. Look out people Erica and Megan are going to be coming to your town! Wow, bad picture, even worse is this is the only one I have of the two of us... note to self, take pictures with Erica while she's here.