Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just got home from Grants Pass. I went to see the family for Easter...It's nice to see family, but it is oh so nice to come home!!! Here are some pictures of the trip!!
Conner had his game face on at the egg hunt...

He walked away with a good amount of eggs...He got some side-walk-chalk-paint in his basket, and painted grandmas side walk for her!He was very happy with the finished product...We picked grandma some flowers and Conner loved the smell of them...And Mommy even got a kiss!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

funny little happenings around here this week...

#87,234,245 reason I love my husband...

Last night, as I was getting ready for our "date night", Max decided that he just couldn't wait for the restaurant. So, he let me know that he was going to make himself a "snack". I shouted "fine" from the bathroom, and also let him know that we were going to do the "activity" part of the date first then get food. Well this idea must have sent pure panic through his man brain. Thinking "crap, I'm not going to get food for a few more hours? I better stock up now while I can, I may die before we ever get to the restaurant". Now I don't know about you, but a snack to me is a hand full of something...a hand full...if it fits in your hand it is safe to be called a snack I'd say. But, if you have to combine ingredients, put them on a plate, and warm them I would consider this a meal. Well, apparently this is a snack in Max's book. Not only did he make a "meal" but, guess what he made......Bologna tacos....THREE!!! Have you ever heard of bologna tacos?? Yeah, me either, well not at least until last night. I think they would be very popular with the type II diabetes category. How you make them...Get your bologna, then get two-three spoon fulls of mashed potatoes (including butter & cheese), then roll them up and put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds and enjoy. Gotta love the way a mans brain works!!

Next, not really funny, more sad really....

I had my first doctors apt. today. I went in with the confidence that #1 I was pregnant, and #2 I was eight weeks along. Any one who has had kids knows that the first trimester is pure hell, well mine has been no exception. I was happy to be at the eight week mark because this meant that I only had four more weeks to go until the second trimester....Well, the nurse did confirm that there was a baby in the tummy. But then the doctor did a internal ultrasound and said that I'm only six weeks along. Damn it all to hell....That means that I have six more weeks until the second trimester??? Dear Lord help me!!!

And last, my son's a ladies man and your daughter's a whore....

Since day one Conner has gotten a lot, and I mean a lot of attention from the ladies. And he loves every minute of it, returning the "oh, what a cutie" with a big hug for every stranger we come in contact with. Well, today at the gym was no exception. Usually when we go to the gym we get stopped by women who look like they should be playmates of the year. All of the big haired blonds with fake breasts know my son by name, and each get a big hug and slobbery kiss when we see them. Today Conner had two girls fighting over him in the kids gym area. These girls were not pin-up material, well not yet anyway, they were only 2 years old maybe one day... As I was walking into the kids area after my work-out to get my little guy I see two little girls with a death grip around my sons shoulders and waist. Each of the pigtail wearing monsters were pulling in opposite directions and yelling "it's my turn, it's my turn". Are you kidding me??? People get control of your daughters, boys have gotten a lot of slack in the past as the ones who get the Innocent girl into trouble, but I know the truth...girls are whores right from the start, so tell them to keep their hands off my son!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

This pretty much sums up how we are all feeling around here...Like the back end of a horse!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Only seven weeks into this pregnancy??? really? only seven weeks??? I have how much longer to go??? aawww crap.

My first pregnancy, with Conner, was a breeze. I remember it like a distant dream with warm moments of feeling him wiggle inside. Never disliking anything I ate, there were zero headaches, and he never told me that I have to sleep...NOW. But this little seven week old fetus has attitude. It decides for me when to eat (and what), sleep (almost 24 hours a day), and has given me a constant headache.

I'm guessing this one is a girl simply from the symptoms that I'm having. She is trying to be the pushy one in this relationship...and she is winning! I may have felt this way with Conner and may have just blocked out the bad memories, in which case I plan to do with this one and try to remember this pregnancy fondly...hey, it could happen!

Erica has come and gone already. I did not get to see her too often, since she was here for work. But, when we did see each other it was non-stop excitement of flowing conversation. Her and I can talk, and did, until 6 in the morning and still have more to say but go to bed only because we know it is the responsible thing to do (we also, often times, have 4-6 hour long telephone conversations)! I love that we get each other the way that we do! I wish I could put her in my pocket and take her with me every where! Oh, and damn the luck, I again got no pictures of us together. Her and I have decided that we are always too busy to stop to take a picture of us having a good time together...more important things to do like: Invent things, talk about the best adhesives for various crafting needs, the components of a great lip gloss, various bowl movement happenings, who we think we are deep down and why we are that way (usually our mothers fault)....I could go on till 6 am, but she's not here so I'll cut it short.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today was clean out overhaul!!! Max and I did some spring cleaning today. We took two car loads of stuff to Goodwill and posted a ton of stuff on Craigs list.

I love that everyday I learn a new lesson, well not really me learning per say, more Max learning and me standing back and watching the whole process. Case and point: We have mass amounts of stuff to post on Craigs list, since Max is more technical than I, he was in charge of posting the said items. He was getting frustrated with me because he thought that I was pricing things too high. So, for the last item I said "fine you figure it out!!!! But, keep in mind the the person who gave us this does not buy cheap things!!!" So he posted this bike for $35

Within 5 minutes the bike was out of our home and into the new owners arms...a very gitty happy owner. And then we proceeded to receive phone calls for the bike for the rest of the evening, having to let people know that "sorry it is already sold". And undoubtedly getting a sad "lucky person" response back.

So, in light of the fact that the bike was the only item that got any interest, I asked Max if he took my advice and did any research on the brand of bike..."um, no I just..." So I jump on the computer and look around a little...guess how much these babies are going for used???? $250-300.....ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW????

*SIGH* Lesson learned...again...Max will listen next time, and that my friends is why I love him!!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Is it to soon for me to start the "nesting" part of my pregnancy?? For those of you who know me, I am a clean freak...I clean just because I like to, every thing has a place and every thing is in it's place.

Well, now that I'm prego, once again, my need to clean is more intense. I want to go through all the closets and get rid of just about everything we own, just so I can see a nice empty closet!!

I have also began to fret about decorating the new little ones room...I don't even know what the sex is yet...OK, Megan, slow down you have nine months to get it all together.

I'm still hard at work on my scrapbooks. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure....

And since everyone wanted pages about is the first one! He was all smiles when he saw the finished product. There isn't a picture of him on the page, but it is about the night we met. I just happened to have a picture of me and a friend from that night, so I included it!

This one is of the car accident Max got into three days after we met!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Feeling o-so-prego today, always hungry, feels like my boobs have been used as punching bags, could sleep for 24 hours and still be tired, always thirsty, and no matter how much I eat nothing seems to be coming out the other end!! Oh the joys of pregnancy!!

Got to hang out with my belly buddy Abbie and my favorite little girl, Olivia, yesterday!! Conner and Liv had fun fighting over toys and wrestling around! Conner even put the moves on here at the end of the night while they were watching movies on the couch together!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I’m back in the land of the living. It has been quite a weekend. I spend two days at the scrapbooking convention. Sooooooooo much fun! I got to meet a famous scrapbooker…Ali. Here is a picture of HALF of the loot I walked away with! I forgot to take a picture after the second day, but just imagine this picture times two!

It was awesome to see that I’m not the only woman who freaks out about this stuff, I actually heard a few screams and squeals of excitement from women around me when they found a goody they’d had their eye open for. I must admit that I also was one of those women who screamed and jumped around more than once when I found something amazing. I also got a little sweaty and panicked when there was only half an hour left of the show, I actually ditched my friend with my mom so I could grab as many more things as I could!

I’m so worn-out from walking around the convention center for two days and being pregnant on top of it that I don’t even have the energy to use my new supplies. Going to rest up tonight and hit it hard tomorrow!

My momma got some great things too and got to spend a little time with Conner in between scrapn'!

Conner started Gymnastics on Saturday, I think it is about the cutest damn thing I have ever seen. Here is him walking on the low balance beam!