Sunday, April 20, 2008

I THINK I may have felt a kick in there!!!! It could have just been gas but I pretty sure it was my little bean sprout saying "hi mom, I'm in here"!!! I have been waiting and waiting to feel a little bump-bump for what feels like forever. Feeling Conner "kick about" was my favorite part of pregnancy with him, and I can't wait to feel more little reminders that this on is in there also!

I know that Conner can't possibly understand that I'm pregnant, or that he has the big responsibility of being a big bro soon. But, I swear on some level that kid understands. When Max asks him "where's the baby?" Conner comes running up to me, lifts up my shirt and points to my belly. Also, if you ask him to give the baby kisses he plants a big wet one on my tummy, so stinking' cute! Any time we are out and about where there is a baby Conner looks at it with such interest and asks "what's that" then tries giving each one a kiss on the forehead. Yep, he is going to be the best big brother since my brothers!!


Abbie said...

I just started REALLY feeling this one kick on Thursday...and the child hasn't stopped since!! yikes!! hahah

Erica Hardin said...

Yippee!!! C'mon baby! Get made already and join in the fun!