Friday, September 26, 2008

So, I know I've been MIA for about three months...Deal with it bitches!! I'm pregnant and ready to throw in the towel on this little thing growing inside me. I'm seriously considering kicking it once it's out of me and say "yeah, how do you like it hu??? how's that feel???" I'm kidding by the way, for those of you who are totally lame and think that I would ever hurt a child...well my own child I would never hurt, but some one elses child I would...people should have to take some tests before breading. There are some seriously f-ed up kids out there and if they are not mine they should not be on this earth or allowed to speak to, at or around me simple as that!!

Any way... Like I said earlier I'm getting close to having my happy spot ripped open again. And while that doesn't sound like very much fun (I could think of better ways to spend an afternoon) I am however looking forward to a good LARGE glass of wine... OH hell who am I kidding, It's going to be vodka and a pack of cigarettes... wine does make me sound more sophisticated but lets be real here. Other things that I'm looking forward to....normal sex. I mean I have "normal" sex now, but it will be nice to have sex with out worrying about the little thing growing out of my torso that keeps my husband basically at the foot of the bed while I'm lying up by the pillows, *sigh*, yeah it will be nice to kiss during sex again so it doesn't feel so much like date rape... Fish, I can't wait to eat sushi again, and exercise. I have been really wanting to go for a jog for some reason the last couple of weeks, not sure why....maybe it the 20 extra pounds that I'm packing around??? Well, I hope to do better about posts, from now till then here are some pics!!!
Went to a Journey concert!!

Got a new dog...Mr. BPotty training...slow learning.....Keeps asking if Colby wants to come out and playOVER IT

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The Home Owners said...

I know that you are done with the idea of pregnancy but you sure look cute being pregnant! I wish you were here in GP with me this weekend. Dustin is gone for work until Tuesday and I would love to kick back and yak it up til all hours! Miss you!