Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What goes around comes around.....

When I was growing up in a small town, there was not a lot for us country kids to do.

So, you may wonder...What did you do?

Well, some of us set out on some nights to "Damage". I know, I know. It. Is. Not. Nice.

I did not partake in damage on most nights, but there is one night that sticks out in my memory that I was involved in the destruction of an innocent mailbox on a back country road.

I felt real bad about it for weeks, thinking of the poor person who would have to fix the said box.

Well last week I got what was going to me, and so did my sweet neighbor....who I'm convinced did not deserve it. So, when I see my poor mailbox laying helpless on the ground I did what any one would do...I sent my "fix-it" men out to help the neighbor and put up a new one!!!

Conner was more than happy to lend a helping hand!

Poor guys...they have no idea that it is all my fault.....

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