Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I love that after knowing my husband for five years I can still learn new things about him.

Take today for instance, I discovered that he has no problem wearing pink. I happened upon this little find by accident, and he was quick to remove it from his body, but non the less I saw it. Apparently Max had ran out of clean socks, so he went rummaging through my sock drawer for a pair that would work for him. Well, he found a pair alright, a pink pair. After I discovered the said socks on my mans feet I began laughing uncontrollably and asked "why that pair"? I have a plethora of all white socks that would have worked also. He did not respond, only ripped the socks off and yelled "shut up" and burrowed himself into the nearest hiding spot.

The other great, yet very strange, thing that I learned today was that if you tickle his left hip bone it makes his neck itch. I'm not sure what that means but it was funny to watch!!

I'm sure that we all have hidden little things that only come out for those very special people in our lives. I'm so happy, and blessed to have such a special guy in my life who always keeps things new and well, different!!


Erica Hardin said...

I like thinking of your happy family sitting around laughing about pink socks and itchy necks from tickling. Just think, you have the rest of your lives to get to know even more! That is so great!

Abbie said...

You have got a weird weird man, my friend. weird. :)