Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Had an apt. with my dear sweet Dr. yesterday. I'm not dialating yet, and very sad about the whole thing. I'm having contractions that come every night, and cramping all day long.

I know that it's my turn to have a baby, due to the fact that both girls who found out they were prego just before I did have given birth to healthy little bundles of spit-up and gas!! So, I'm next in line...Yay me!!!

I'm getting a little nervous about giving birth again. Giving birth to Conner was a cake walk, only felt two contractions, pushed a few times, and there he was. Recovery on the other hand was a whole other story....I ripped front and back and could not use the restroom like a normal person for weeks...and sex to this day is just not the same. I know that each birthing experience is different, and that is was scares me. I fear that this one is going to be the opposite of what I experienced with Conner. Long hard labor from HELL and a easy recovery....not sure at the moment which is better.

I do know that I can't wait to hold this little guy in my arms, see what he looks like, smell that sweet baby freshness again and enjoy every minute of "infant" that I possible can, since this is our last child. I know that this being our "last" is the smart thing to do, but I have to admit I'm a little sad about that. However, I have many, many friends and family members who have yet to start their own families so I know that there will still be little ones around that I can get enjoyment out of without the economic strain.

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